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  • DW big high capacity fruits vegetables mesh belt dryer

DW big high capacity fruits vegetables mesh belt dryer

Mesh Belt Dryer machine  is a continuous penetrating flow drying equipment applied for drying pieces strip and particles state materials with good ventilation.

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Mesh Belt Dryer machine  is a continuous penetrating flow drying equipment applied for drying pieces strip and particles state materials with good ventilation. The machine is suitable for the materials such as dewatering vegetable, herbal medicine of Traditional Chinese medicine and others, for which the water contents are high and high drying temperature is not allowed. The machine owns the advantages, of fast drying speed, high evaporation capacity and good product quality. The de-watered & altered cake state paste material should be made into particles or strips before drying process. Mainly Used in Medicine, Foodstuff, Pharmaceutical Industries.

Working Principle:

The materials are uniformly distributed on the mesh-belt by the material feeder. The mesh-belt generally adopts 12-60 mesh stainless steel mesh and it is drawn by a transmission device and move inside the dryer. The dryer is composed of several sections. For each section, the hot air is circulated separately. Part of exhausted gas is exhausted by a special moisture exhaust blower. The waste gas is controlled by an adjustment valve. The hot air passes through the mesh-belt covered with bring water material away. The mesh-belt moves slowly, running speed can be freely adjusted according to the material property. The final products after the drying process will fall into the material collector continuously. The top and low circulation units can be freely equipped according to the user's requirements. The number of section might be selected according to the production demands.


1.Amount of air, heating temperature, time of material sticking on the belt and velocity of feeding material can be adjusted in order to obtain the best drying effect.
2.Equipments conjuration is very ¬flexible. It can use the netlike belt washing system and cooling raw material system.
3.Hot air can be circularly applied, the energy is greatly saved.
4.Unique air dividing device, it makes hot air distribute uniformly; this can guarantee products' quality.

5.Heating source can be selected from steam, conducting heat oil, electricity, and coal furnace and oil burner.

Dehydration vegetables, grain feed, monosodium glutamate, shredded coconut stuffing, organic pigments, synthetic rubber, acrylic fiber, medicines, medicinal herbs, wooden products, plastic products, electronic components aging, curing and so on.

Belt drier is used for mass production of continuous drying equipment for the drying of sheet, strip pellet material with better ventilation property, especially for the materials cannot bear high temperature such as dehydrated vegetables, Chinese herbal pieces of high moisture content. Belt driers have many advantages, such as fast drying rate, high evaporation strength, good product quality; cake type of paste materials, wet granulation can also be dried.

quantity of unit        4         5         4         5         4        5      10
width of belt  (m)                 1.2                 1.6                             2
length of dry section  (m)        8        10         8        10         8       10       20
thickness of raw material spreading(mm)                                                              10-80
operation temperature ( °C )                                                             50-140
steam pressure (MPa)                                                             0.2-0.8
steam consumption  (kg/h)120-300150-375150-400180-500180-500225-600450-1200
dry time  (h)0.2-1.21.25-1.50.2-1.20.25-1.50.2-1.20.25-1.50.5-3
dry capacity  kg water/h60-16080-20085-220100-260100-260120-300240-600
total equipped power (kw)11.413.614.618.719.724.551

overall dimensionsW(m)1.491.491.91.92.322.322.32

weight  kg45005600530064006200750014000

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DW belt dryer

DW belt dryerDW belt dryer

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