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What are the functions of our grinder?

The grinding machines from our company are designed for most types of material into different size. We have several different grinding types of equipment for different physical properties and requirement. For example, WFJ super fine pulverizer is capable of grinding fibrous material like a leaf, herb or spice. WLD cryogenic grinder is able to deal with oily or thick material like insects or dates. Certainly, some material with complex properties can also be ground to modify some parts of my machines. Contact us!

How many types of our grinder?

Classify them by fineness capacity, there are 4 different types:

1.Coarse crusher

A coarse crusher is equipment for pre-crushing big size material into small pieces.

2.Fine grinder

We have two types of fine grinder, universal grinder and hammer grinder, the fineness of powder from this type machine is in the scope of 12~120mesh.

3.Super fine grinder

WFJ super fine pulverizer is the most popular equipment in my company, it has a large fineness scope, range from 80mesh to 800mesh.

4.Microfine grinder

WFM vibrating grinder is suitable for dry mushroom, reishi, leaf and other high-value-added product.

Classify them by configuration, there are 3 different types:

1.simple grinder 

This type has a feature of the high-cost performance, it is simply made of feeding hopper, grinding part and discharge part.

2.Normal dust collector grinder

This type has an induced fan and manually flapping filter bag with the basic function of dust collecting.

3.Cyclone dust collector grinder

This type has a strong automatically dust collecting system and cyclone discharge system.

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