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  • CSJ tea leaf coarse crusher crushing machine
  • CSJ tea leaf coarse crusher crushing machine

CSJ tea leaf coarse crusher crushing machine

This tea coarse crusher crushing machinery is mainly applicable for the pharmacy, the chemical industry, metallurgy industry, and the foodstuff industry, etc. It specially grinds the hard and solid materials including the plastic, copper wires, discarded type and so on. The tea coarse crusher crushing machine also can be used as the corollary equipment for fine grinding process.

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Tea Leaf Crushing Machine

The tea leaf crushing machine is used for chopping, pulverizing and grinding finished tea leaves, mainly used for the subsequent processing of tea leaves, and can grind tea leaves into pieces for different purposes. Such as 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and other size fragments. In addition to tea leaves, the tea leaf coarse crusher can also crush the leaves of herbs, mint, lotus leaves and other plants.

CSJ tea coarse crusher crushing machine is an ideal equipment for rough crushing with high efficiency and overcomes some abuses of the vertical machine, such as the locked moving cutter, the left material in the shell, the low efficiency, etc. You can choose different sizes of toothed rollers according to your needs.

Features of Tea Leaf Coarse Crusher

1. The machine is designed according to the "GMP" standard. The whole chinese herb coarse crusher crushing machine is made of stainless steel. The structure is simple, the cleaning is convenient and the noise is low.

2. It is the most ideal equipment in the roughing machine.

3. High hardness alloy toothed rollers are used, which are strong and durable.

4. The thickness of the tea fragments can be adjusted.

5. Reasonable structure and convenient operation.

6. It can process the leaves and hard materials of various plants, such as traditional Chinese medicine, tree roots and plastics.

Tea Coarse Crushing Machine Structural Principle

The tea coarse crusher crushing machine adopts horizontal structure, the spindle is supported by two rolling bearing, and installed with two movable frame, each movable frame total installed with 3 moving knives. bearing the lateral have transmission in cabinet are installed in the fixed knife 4. Therefore the dynamic knife with 6 to 4 the fixed knife material shear strength, to smash purposes. In bearing the lateral have drive pulley, there are 4 fixed knives in the cabinet, therefore the materials is effectively grinding by the 6 moving knife and 4 fixed knife , to achieve crushing purposes.

Working Principle of Tea Leaf Crushing Machines

The tea coarse crusher crushing machine for the horizontal crushing structure, the material from the hopper into the crushing chamber, the use of rotating knife and fixed knife impact, shear and get crushed by the rotation of the centrifugal force, the material automatically flow to the exit.

Tea Coarse Crushers Technical Parameters

ModelCAPACITY (kg)Feed size(mm)Output size(mm)Total power(kw)Main speed(r/min)Dimension(mm)Weight (kg)

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Precautions for tea grinder

1. Abrasive materials must not contain similar metal objects. Once inside the crusher, it will cause serious damage to the blade.

2. The steering of the motor must meet the requirements.

3. If there is any abnormal sound during the production process, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the production can be continued after troubleshooting.

4. Regularly check whether the screws and knives are loose, and reinforce them in time. If the tool is seriously worn, it should be polished or replaced in time. So as not to affect the overall crushing effect.

5. When the discharge is too slow or too thin, the screen may be blocked and should be cleaned in time.

6. This tea leaf grinders cannot crush flammable and explosive products.

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