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  • GHL66 pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator
  • GHL66 pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator

GHL66 pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator

GHL pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator is the new type pharmaceutical machinery, designed on the basis of adopting the principle of one-step granulator. It can blend and mix the dry powder rapidly, then the even wet powder and granulator. GHL high rapid shear pharmaceutical wet mixing granulator machine meets the requirements of GMP Standard.

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1.Usage & Application of GHL pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator

(1)GHL pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator is the new type pharmaceutical machinery, designed on the basis of  YK granulator. GHL pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator can blend and mix the dry powder with adhesive rapidly

,then cut the mixture into particles. GHL pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator meets the requirements of GMP Standard.

(2)The pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator can be widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, powder metallurgy, cosmetic industry,

dying stuff industry, and so on.

2.Main Structure of GHL pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator

 (1) The pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator mainly consists of blending system, cutting system, frame, mixing barrel, electric controlling box etc. Blending system consists of the motor, 

bearing pedestal and the cutter knife. The transmission shaft of blending system and cutter system has the airproof device to prevent the raw material from run into the shaft and avoid the pollution of lube.      

 (2) The mixing barrel is fixed on the frame; SUS304 high-grade stainless steel; solid, durable and stainless; columniform bottom and conical tip; no dead angle, even mixing, easy cleaning; there is a pneumatic valve for discharging on the side of the mixing barrel; the whole valve is connected by the gemel, so it is easy to move away for checking and cleaning completely.

3.Features of GHL pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator

① mix evenly: making sure the coloring particles or pigment are evenly distributed; 

② strong blending ability: wetting the material quickly with 8-12% thickness starch slurry; 

③ judging the granulating situation by the max electricity consumption; 

④ the production granules are relaxed and snow-like with no block, more particle and little powder; 

Technical Parameters of GHL pharmaceutical rapid mixer granulator

Volume (L)50150200250300400
Capacity (kg/batch)155080100130200
Blending speed (rpm)300/210270/180270/180188/130160/110120/85
Blending power (KW)4/5.59/1111/1411/1411/1415/17
Cutting power (KW)1.5/2.22.4/33.3/43.3/44.5/5.56.5/8
Cutting speed (rpm)1440/2900
Working time (min)8-15
Particle size (mesh)20-80

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GHL66 high rapid shear fertilizer wet mixing granulator machine


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