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Double Cone Mixers For Different Industries

Jul. 28, 2021

Mixing is one of the most common operations in different industries such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic, detergent and fertilizer. This is done to produce homogeneous bulk mixtures, as each unit contains the same proportion of each ingredient. Therefore, double cone mixers are used for homogeneous mixing of dry powders and granules. There are two types of machines used in industries such as Double Cone Mixers and dry powder mixing cone mixers

Double Cone Mixers

Double Cone Mixers

Here are the applications and mechanisms of double cone mixers:

In different industries, there is a need for mixing and blending of powders and granules to form products.

There are two machines that can provide effective mixing, namely dry cone mixer and dry powder mixing cone mixer.

Both of these machines can effectively mix powders and granules

The double cone mixer machine is typically shaped at both ends to provide uniform mixing of granules in bulk and easy discharge

Mixing of powders and other components loaded into the cone

To ensure proper mixing, the cone mixer is filled two-thirds of the way

The cones of the double cone mixer are statistically balanced to avoid excessive loads on the mixture

After loading the product into the cone for mixing, the paddle baffle will accordingly provide a better and homogeneous mixing inside the cone.

The normal cycle time of the rotating cone is close to 10 minutes and may vary depending on the mixing difficulty

After mixing is complete, the resulting mixture is discharged through a side valve

Thanks to the polished surface of the double cone mixer, you can easily clean it manually

Similarly, Dry Mixers are used to mix dry powders and granules evenly.

There are many industries that use dry cone mixers, including pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic, detergent, fertilizer, plastic, etc.

Applications of double cone mixer:

In the chemical industry, it is used to mix chemicals, dry detergents, glass or ceramics, fertilizers, etc.

Different ingredients are used in the pharmaceutical industry. To mix the ingredients, dry powder mixing cone mixers are used.

More commonly used for mixing of free flowing solid dry powders dry powder mixing conical mixers are used in the food industry. For the preparation of flavors, fragrances, cake powders and other solid ingredients

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