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What Is The Working Principle Of The Hammer Grinder?

Sep. 10, 2019

Here you can find Hammer Grinder Price. Today we would like to talk about the working principle of the hammer grinder.

Hammer Grinder

Hammer Grinder

The Hammer Grinder is similar to a hammer crusher used in general industry. The main purpose of the hammer crusher is to turn solid materials into small pieces under mechanical force. Therefore, it is widely used in China's metallurgy, coal, construction and feed processing sectors. The operation of mechanically breaking the internal cohesion of the material and dividing it is called crushing or fine grinding. Generally speaking, a large piece of material is split into small pieces of material, called crushing, and a small piece of material is turned into a fine powder called a fine grinding. The crushing and fine grinding habits are collectively referred to as crushing. After the solid material is split into small pieces or fine powder, the surface area per unit weight will increase, thereby increasing the reaction speed of its physicochemical action.

When the rotor of the hammer mill rotates at a high speed, the hammer becomes radial (for the rotor of the suspended hammer) due to the centrifugal force. The rubber material enters the machine after being rolled by the feeding roller, and is immediately broken into particles by the impulse and tearing action of the hammer. The granule glue is discharged from the sieve hole in the bottom of the machine. Block, leaving the hammer to impact again until it passes through the mesh. The hammer mill does not rely on the entire energy of the rotor component to break the rubber compound, but mainly relies on the work of the kinetic energy of the hammer to complete the crushing of the rubber compound.

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