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Normal Operation Process Of V Type Mixer

Jan. 08, 2020

V Shape Mixer is used for mixing materials or powders in food, medicine, feed, chemical, metallurgy, ceramics and other industries. It is easy to operate and has a reasonable structure and good mixing effect. Or, you need to know the steps in detail before proceeding. The manufacturer of the Industrial Powder Mixer summarizes the normal operation process, basic failure problems and usual maintenance of the V-type mixer.

V Shape Mixer

V Shape Mixer

1. Normal operation process of V type mixer

In the method of using the V-type mixer, when the material is running, first open the feeding port of the mixer, and confirm whether the discharge port is closed. According to the process control requirements, put a specified amount of material into the V-type hopper. After the feeding is completed, in order to prevent the material from flowing out during mixing, the feeding port should be closed and locked.

Next is the working time of the machine. Turn on the power button, rotate the stop button to the left, start the reverse button of the mixer, and adjust the motor speed to perform mixing within the speed specified by the process. After the mixture reaches the time specified in the process, stop the machine by adjusting the speed button of the motor. When the machine is stopped, make the discharge port of the mixer directly face the ground, and adjust the speed button of the motor to 0. Turn right to cut off the power.

The last is discharging: Open the feeding port of the V-type mixer, and use the specified container to load at the discharging port until the material in the hopper is discharged.

(1) Open the feeding port of the mixer, and reconfirm that the discharging port is closed. Put the specified amount of material into the V-shaped hopper according to the process control requirements.

(2) After feeding, close the feeding port and lock it to prevent the material from flowing out during mixing.

(3) Start the rotary button of the V-type mixer, adjust the motor speed, and run at a slow speed.

(4) During the operation of the V-type mixer, the fuselage should run at a uniform speed without abnormal noise.

(5) After the mixture reaches the time specified in the process, stop the machine by adjusting the motor speed button.

2.V-type mixer failure

(1) The vibration and noise of the main body of the V-type mixer are not properly adjusted and the transmission is damaged.

(2) During the use of the V-type mixer, the machine suddenly stops and the discharging mechanism cannot operate normally.

(3) The V-type mixer cannot start, mainly because the power supply is not connected and the phase is missing. Check the circuit.

(4) Insufficient motor power, improper preparation of pulleys, slippery belts, severe wear of hammers, uneven feeding or high moisture content of raw materials are the main reasons for low production efficiency.

(5) Bearing overheating: When the bearing is poorly lubricated, damaged or the main shaft is bent, the rotor is seriously unbalanced, and the belt is too tight, it will cause the bearing to overheat. The bearing can be restored to its normal state by adding or replacing lubricating oil, replacing the bearing, the main shaft, balancing the rotor, and adjusting the tightness of the belt.

3. Use and maintenance of V-type mixer

(1) Installation: Place the machine stably, install the machine feet, and level it so that the machine can run freely.

(2) Before use, refuel at the gas station, and then perform no-load operation, check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the electrical is normal, whether the machine is working normally, and whether there are any abnormalities, and refurbish and debug.

(3) Turn the feeding port to the top, open the feeding cover to feed, the feeding amount should not exceed the specified volume, then close the feeding cover, and start the machine to run. If an abnormality is found on the way, the inspection must be stopped. 4. After work or after changing the variety, the inside and outside of the hopper must be cleaned.

The above is the introduction of V Mixer by the Ribbon Mixer Machine supplier.

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