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Why Use a Double Cone Mixer and the Key Advantages?

Jun. 10, 2021

Basically, a Double Cone Mixer is an effective device for mixing dry powders and granules. Its material is usually made of stainless steel, but more exotic alloys are available if necessary. Essentially, a double cone mixer is a mixer used to produce a homogeneous mixture of solids, which is crucial, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the materials that are mixed using the double cone mixer include flour, as well as most pharmaceutical granules.

Summary of main features:

Conical shape at both ends for homogeneous mixing and easy discharge

The powder is loaded into the cone through an opening and discharged through a slide valve.

Cones are statically balanced to provide additional protection

Components are made of SS 304 or SS 316.

Double Cone Mixer

Double Cone Mixer


An appropriate dose of a drug must be mixed with more than 1 ingredient.

In order to obtain a homogeneous product, a Double Cone Mixing Machine must be used for:

Dyes / Dye intermediates

Inorganic chemicals

Temperature sensitive materials

Plastic products

DCB machines are essential for making homogeneous plastic mixtures of:


Organic chemicals

Advantages of using DCB.

Easy to see in the factory and very aesthetic

Reduces noise in the workplace

Has very high uniformity, which is key for pharmaceutical products

Cone shape at both ends allows for easy mixing and uniform discharge

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