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What Are the Types of Crushers or Grinders

Oct. 27, 2021

Grinders are used to break up large pieces of rock and bulk materials. The size of the final fragment depends very much on the type of crusher used; some models are designed to crush only large pieces of rock into manageable sections, while others are designed to reduce the entire workpiece to dust. Crushers are widely used in mining, material processing and demolition applications.

Types of crushers

There are many types of extensive crushing equipment available here, including rotor crushers, impact crushers and jaw crushers, and we give you an overview of the characteristics of each of them.

Jaw Crushers

Jaw crushers use a pair of opposing jaws in a V-shape with an opening at the bottom of the jaw for the material being crushed to fall through. Due to the spacing of the jaws, large pieces of material are crushed at the top of the jaws and gradually become smaller as they fall downwards. This results in the fine pieces leaving the system, while the larger pieces are retained for additional crushing.


Impact crushers use the force generated by violent impact to drive various crushing arms and crushing surfaces onto the workpiece to reduce its size. A common type of impact crusher is the hammer crusher, which uses a series of oscillating bars to crush the material.

What Are the Types of Crushers or Grinders

GFSJ Sugar Hammer Grinder/Pulverizer

GFSJ series crushers are used to grind raw materials into fine powders. It meets the requirements of GMP standards. It is a type of crusher that makes fine powder from large size materials. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, powder metallurgy, cosmetic, dyeing and other industries.

This machine can be used for the following materials: e.g. turmeric, pepper, spices, chilli, gum arabic, tea, sugar, etc. 

Rotor Crusher

The rotor crusher consists of several sets of rotors which rotate in opposite directions to each other. As large pieces of material are hooked into the rotors, they are pulled into the blades of the opposing rotors and are crushed. When a fragment reaches the required size, it slips through the rotor and leaves the crushing unit.

Types of crushing operations

Basically, there are four types of crushing operations: shear, compression, abrasion and impact.

Shearing is a cutting action that cuts the workpiece between the edges of two surfaces.

Compression is a process in which a workpiece is squeezed between two opposing surfaces with increasing pressure until it breaks.

Abrasion or wear is a process that agitates material from one side to the other to reduce its size. The machines used for this process are often referred to as grinders.

Impact crushing is similar to compression, except that the crushing surface is violently and repeatedly pressed into the workpiece.

What Are the Types of Crushers or Grinders

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