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  • SYH66 3d blender
  • SYH66 3d blender

SYH66 3d blender

The SYH 3d blender is widely used for the mixing of powder materials in the industry of pharmacy, chemical industry, food and so on; as well as for quick and even mixing of various materials in different granule size and gravity.

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1. MAIN APPLICATION of SYH 3d blender
SYH 3d blender is widely used for the mixing dry pharmacy, chemical industry, food, cosmetic powder etc. Like tea powder, food grade dry powder, industrial powder, dry milk powder, pills, milk powder,pharmaceutical powder etc.

2.FEATURES of SYH 3d blender
With its unique three-dimensional swing, parallel moving and rolling methods, SYH 3d blender can generate a strong pulse movement to push forward and to mix target materials continuously. The excellent mixing effects are the result of its changeable vortex movement that possesses the energy grads inside. It also has the advantages of smooth running, low noise, high loading quantity and short mixing time as well.

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This 3d blender is composed of base, frequency change motor, main axis, rotor and cylinder, etc. The cylinder container will carry on parallel moving and rolling under the driving of main axis, thus to push the material moving in the direction of circular, radical and axially, achieving uniform mixing of different varieties of material.


Barrel volume
Max. loading volume (L)84080160320480640800
Max. loading weight(kg)52550100200300400500
Spindle speed(r/min)0-30
Overall size(L*W*H)
600*1000*7001000 *1400 *11001200*1700*12001400 *1800 *15001800 *2100 *18001900 *2100 *21002200 *2400 *22502250*2600*2400
Weight (kg)1503005008001200150020002500

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SYH66 3d fertilizer powder granules mixer blender mixing blending machine

SYH66 3d fertilizer powder granules mixer blender mixing blending machine

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