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  • V66 Tea Powder Mixer Blender Mixing Blending Machine
  • V66 Tea Powder Mixer Blender Mixing Blending Machine

V66 Tea Powder Mixer Blender Mixing Blending Machine

This v shaped tea powder mixer is applicable to mix dry powder and granule material for the pharmacy and other relative industries. V shaped blending machine can mixing dry small food, industrial, pharmaceutical powder very evenly. like tea, matcha, sugar, additives, supplement, potein powder etc.

Products Details

V powder mixer, also known as a V blender or V-shaped blender, is a type of industrial mixing equipment used for blending dry powders and granules. It consists of a V-shaped vessel with a central axis and two inclined sides that converge to form a V shape. V powder mixing machines are popular choices for blending dry powders and granules in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals, and cosmetics, thanks to their efficient mixing performance, versatility, and gentle handling of materials.

Main Uses Of V Shaped Tea Powder Mixer

● Pharmaceuticals: V-shaped powder mixers are widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing for blending active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients, granules, and other powdered materials. They ensure uniform distribution of ingredients in formulations such as tablets, capsules, and powders, maintaining product consistency and efficacy.

● Food and Nutraceuticals: In the food and nutraceutical industries, V blenders are employed to mix ingredients for the production of food products, dietary supplements, powdered beverages, and nutritional powders. These V Tea Powder Mixers can blend various ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, flavorings, additives, and functional ingredients to create homogeneous blends.

● Chemicals: V-shaped powder mixers are used in chemical manufacturing for blending powdered chemicals, pigments, dyes, catalysts, and other materials.

● Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: V-Type Mixers are utilized in the cosmetics and personal care industry for blending powdered ingredients such as pigments, talc, mica, and powders used in skincare, makeup, and personal care products.

● Detergents and Household Products: In the production of detergents, cleaning agents, and household products, V-type powder blenders are used to blend powdered ingredients such as surfactants, detergents, abrasives, fragrances, and additives.

V66 Tea Powder Mixer Blender Mixing Blending Machine

Working principle of V-type powder mixer

The V-type powder mixer achieves uniform blending of dry powders or granules through a combination of gravitational forces and mechanical agitation within a V-shaped vessel, promoting tumbling and intermingling of particles to ensure homogeneity.

Advantages Of V-Shaped Blending Machine

▶ This V shaped tea powder mixer is easy to operate and v shaped tea powder mixer blender mixing blending machine mixes evenly with the vacuum charging equipment.

▶ V shaped powder mixer can also be equipped with compulsive blending setup.

▶ V-Type Mixer for Powder and Solids can mix fine powder and more than two forms of powders including the materials that contain water.

▶ V Powder Mixer machine can get the good result of mixing little quantity materials and additive (meaning that little admixture additives).

▶ Adopted unbalance canister body, V powder mixing machine features the excellent mixing result.

▶ V shaped blender is convenient to discharging the products using the butterfly valve.

▶ V shaped dry powder mixer is easy to install, discharge and clean.

▶ The V shaped tea powder blender machine is made of the stainless steel 304(we also can do as consumer requirement), so the inside is glabrous.

▶ V tea powder blending machine has no dead angle and accords with GMP.

V66 Tea Powder Mixer Blender Mixing Blending Machine

Main Technical Features Of V Powder Mixers

▶ This V blender has a total volume 0.18 m^3 empty

▶ This V dry powder mixer is meeting ISO 9001 and CE and GSG certificate

▶ V-shaped tea powder mixer is suitable for mix powder, granule

▶ This V powder mixing blending machine can add the stir bar inside mix tank, it also can add the spray system to spray liquid (if consumer need. inform us in advance)

▶ This v shaped blending machine can make into vacuum condition (if consumer need, inform us in advance)

▶ This v shaped tea powder blender can add the frequency changer (adjust the rotation speed), if consumer need, inform us in advance

▶ Voltage: 220v or 380v or as consumer requirement

Technical Parameters Of V Tea Powder Blender

Barrel Volume(m3)
Mixing time(min)3-86-10
Blending speed(r/min)121212101088
Overall Size(L*W*H)(mm)2000*400*16002050*710*17002370*1000*18502900*1350*24503340*1650*29804690*2200*40004950*2200*4230

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