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  • WF Complete grinder(Seperate design)

WF Chilli Powder Making Machine/Crushing Equipment(Seperate design)

This machine is mainly used in chemical industry, medicine (TCM), food, spices, resin powder, besmear powder etc,high temperature resistant material, crushing and dust collection as a whole is a new generation crushing equipment.

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This machine is mainly used in chemical industry, medicine (TCM) and food,including spices,chilli,coffee,herb,salt,pepper,tobacco,corn,leaf,cocoa,maize, supplement,turmeric,resin powder,besmear powder etc,high temperature resistant material, crushing and dust collection as a whole is a new generation crushing equipment.



This machine adopts the tooth disc high-speed rotating knife, the fixed knife impact and shear grinding to crush. The crushing effect is good, the heat of crushing chamber and finished product outflow together from sieve by strong airflow which produced when crushing, crushing fineness can be decided by different sieves.

The unit make the materials crushed by the impact & grind function of the relative motion between active and fixed fluted discs, and impact between the materials. Smashed materials enter into the capture bag by rotating centrifugal force function, the dust filtered and recycled by dust collector through a bag filter box. This machine designed according to GMP standard and wholly made of stainless steel materials, has no flying dust during production. It can improve the utilization rate of material and reduce cost of enterprise, and has reached the international advanced level at present.



1. This machine can match the turbine blade, it is also can match other different blade (if consumer need, we can design. so the consumer can change different blade to use)

2. This machine has water cooling system.

3. This machine can add the magnetic, to remove the Metal impurity (as consumer requirement)

4. This machine can match the general dust absorption system, it also can match the pulse dust absorption system




ModelCapacity (kg)Feed size (mm)Output size (mesh)Total power(kw)Main speed(r/min)Dimension(mm)Weight (kg)
WF-30C50-300<10  12-12011.75~38006000*1200*2900700


1Crushing motorUpon model1GAOKE
2Bearingattached2JANPAN NSK
3Host shellStainless steel1SELF
4Net frameStainless steel1SELF
5Drive beltB type3SANLISHI
6CutterStainless steel2SELF
7MillstoneStainless steel1SELF
8Rotary knifeStainless steel1SELF
9principal axis45#1SELF
10Screen meshStainless steel1SELF
11Feed binStainless steel1SELF
12Feed control panelStainless steel1SELF
13MazeStainless steel1SELF
14NutStainless steel1SELF
15Main frameStainless steel 2mm1SELF
16High pressure fanUpon model1WUXI
17cyclone separatorStainless steel1SELF
18Cyclone bracketStainless steel tube1SELF
19Pulse dust removing boxStainless steel1SELF
20Cloth bagNeedle acupuncture20SELF
21Pulse solenoid valve
22Blanking butterfly valveStainless steel1CHANGZHOU
23Main crusher and cyclone separator pipeStainless steel1SELF
24Pulse air bagStainless steel1SELF
25Cyclone separator and cloth bag dust collector pipeStainless steel1SELF
26control cabinetStainless steel1SELF
28An electric appliance


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