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Application of Agitator Equipment In Industrial Production

Nov. 18, 2020

Mixing equipment is widely used in industrial production, especially in the chemical industry. Many chemical productions are more or less applied with mixing operations. Let us understand the application scope of Industrial Mixer in industrial production.

All the chemical changes in the chemical process are based on the full mixing of the reacting substances. For physical changes such as heating, cooling, liquid extraction, and gas absorption, stirring operations are often used to get good results. Stirring equipment is mostly used as a reactor.

For example, in the production of the three major synthetic materials, the agitator as a reactor accounts for about 90% of the total number of reactors. In other industries such as fuel, medicine, pesticide, paint, etc., mixing equipment is also widely used. The non-ferrous metallurgy department has conducted an investigation and power measurement of the Mixing Equipment in the non-ferrous metallurgy industry across the country. The result is that the application range of many wet workshops is so wide, because the mixing equipment has a wide controllable range of operating conditions and can adapt to various Production.

double z arm blender

double z arm blender

When incompatible liquids or liquids and solids interact, stirring plays a very important role in accelerating the progress of the reaction. Because increasing the speed at which one phase is mixed into another phase, the contact surface will increase, and the materials will interact at a greater speed. In some cases, stirring is an important factor in creating good conditions during the reaction.

For example, to enhance the heat transfer effect, reduce local overheating, and avoid material coking during heating. For example, in the production of high-pressure polyethylene, due to the role of the Vacuum Mixer, the material has a certain residence time in the reactor, and more importantly, the catalyst is evenly distributed in the reactor to prevent local violent polymerization from causing an explosion. Therefore, mixing equipment plays a very important role in industrial production.

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