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How To Use Agitator Equipment Correctly

Nov. 11, 2020

When we use the mixer in the process of its management must not be ignored, so as to be able to ensure that it will appear unexpected phenomenon in the subsequent use of the project, how to operate the mixer correctly?

How to operate the blender correctly

1. The installation of the mixer is stable and firm, the walking wheel should be off the ground, and the base should be higher than the ground.

2. During the operation of the Industrial Mixer, add water while adding materials. It cannot be started after adding materials, and the materials must not exceed the rated capacity.

3. Before starting the machine, the electrical equipment is in good condition, and after the machine is running normally after idling operation, add materials and stir.

4. If there is a failure during operation, the machine should be powered off and shut down to find the cause. Do not use tools such as prying or other dangerous methods to force the machine to operate.

5. An iron shed must be installed at the feed inlet of the mixer. It cannot be dismantled at will during use. It needs to be installed immediately for removal and cleaning. The Vacuum Blender must be cleaned after the work is completed. The motor and electrical appliances must not be damp during cleaning.

6. The amount of material to be added, the tool cannot collide with the mixer, and the tool cannot be inserted into the mixer during operation.

7. No sundries can enter the hopper, and the machine must be shut down when cleaning sundries.



Daily maintenance of mixing equipment

Check and recognize the clutch and brake before using the mixing equipment. The equipment and other parts are in good condition, the wire rope is intact, there should be no foreign matter in the drum, and the empty truck operation is performed to check the rolling direction of the mixing drum and mixing blade, and the operation and braking of the concrete working equipment are normal before they can be used.

When the Stainless Steel Mixer needs to be inspected and repaired on site, the hopper should be fixed first, and the power supply should be blocked. When it enters the drum to deal with the obstruction, someone outside should be supervised. If a fault is found during the operation and the operation cannot be continued, the power supply should be immediately blocked, the concrete in the mixing drum should be cleaned, and then maintenance should be carried out.

The mixing equipment should be installed on a solid foundation, with a support frame firmly, pay attention to adjusting the height of the feeding channel, unloading channel and the use of dump trucks, and it is forbidden to use tires and support frames as support. An anti-smashing shed should be installed and inspected Qualified only apply.

The mixing equipment should be repaired and maintained regularly. After the cross operation of the equipment is completed, the hopper should be lowered to the hopper pit. If it is necessary to rise, use a chain to fasten it, block the power supply, lock the electric box, and clean the slurry inspection on the surface of the machine.

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