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Three Things to Do When the Food Mixer is Empty

Nov. 04, 2020

There are three things to do when the Powder Mixers Food Grade is empty. Only by doing well in these three things can the machine be prevented from deformation, decay and corrosion. I hope this little knowledge will give you a hint:

1. Anti-corrosion

After the food mixer is finished working, it is necessary to clean the external mud, clean the concentrated feed and debris in the working mechanism, and clean it with water or oil if necessary. It needs to be wiped clean and then coated with engine oil. Stickers are recommended to reduce the chance of oxidation on contact with air. It is recommended to store complex and high-precision equipment in a cool, dry and naturally ventilated room; simple equipment such as augers and feeders can also be stored in the open, but the Vacuum Blendershould be placed on a higher ground, dry, and It is recommended to set up a shed to cover the location that will not be exposed to sunlight; all parts that are in direct contact with the ground should be supported by wooden boards or bricks; the fallen protective paint should be repainted.

Powder Mixers Food Grade

Powder Mixers Food Grade


Moldy wood parts are decayed, cracked and deformed due to the action of microorganisms, rain, wind, and sun. A reasonable and effective storage method is to paint the outer surface of the wood and place it in a dry place. It can be exposed to the sun and rain. Textiles, such as canvas conveyor belts, are unreasonably stored and easy to mold. Such products should not be placed in the open. They need to be removed and cleaned and dried, and then stored in a dry place indoors that can prevent mosquitoes and pests.

3.prevent deformation

Springs, transmission belts, long tool bars, tires and other parts will undergo plastic deformation due to long-term stress or improper placement. Therefore, appropriate support points should be added under the frame; the tires do not carry the load; all on the Stainless Steel Mixer The clamped or pulled spring needs to be loosened; the removed drive belt should be properly stored indoors; some disassembled parts that are prone to deformation, such as long knife bars, should be placed flat or vertically; otherwise, the removed parts For example, tires, seed tubes, etc. should be prevented from being compressed and deformed during storage.

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