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Do You Know The Application Field Of The Shredder?

Aug. 26, 2020

The pulverizer is a machine that pulverizes a large-sized solid raw material to the desired size. The pulverizer consists of coarse crushing, fine crushing, wind conveying and other devices, and achieves the purpose of the pulverizer in the form of high-speed impact. The use of wind energy to powder at one time eliminates the traditional screening process. Mainly used in mining, building materials and other industries. In the life, there are Food Powder Pulverizer and the like to process crushed foods, and chilli powder is a product produced by a common pulverizer. In addition, the pulverizer can also be applied to the medical industry, so how to use the pulverizer in these industries, the following is what I have compiled for everyone.

1. Large-scale pulverizer (high-output equipment under the premise of the same pulverization fineness) is mainly used for crushing and processing of mineral products in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower, refractory materials, steel and other industries.

2. Small crusher (equipment with lower output under the same crushing fineness) is mainly suitable for material crushing in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, greening, sanitation, and other industries.

3. Coarse Crusher is mainly used for crushing pretreatment in various industries. Its main function is to process the larger diameter material (5-10cm) to the smaller diameter granular material (5-10mm in diameter).

4. Superfine pulverizer is mainly used for ultra-fine pulverization in most industries. It is to pulverize the material after pulverization to achieve the required material diameter, which is mainly used for raw material processing of high-end products. The application range of ultrafine pulverizer in the Chinese medicine industry is very wide and the most. It is very important for the extraction of the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine and the improvement of absorption rate. It is of great significance for improving the enterprise and social benefits. . As for how to choose the ultrafine pulverizer used in the Chinese medicine industry, we as a Crushing Equipment Manufacturer can make some suggestions for everyone.

1. If you want to smash Chinese medicine, you must first choose the wind-selected medicine pulverizer or the Chinese herbal medicine pulverizing unit. They can be pulverized for traditional Chinese medicines of various natures. The fineness is better in the same kind of traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer. The strong wind automatically cools the body. It is not easy to heat up for a long time, and the crushing can be from 0.5 kg to thousands of kg.

2. If you want to crush brittle and hard Chinese medicine, the amount is small, you can choose low noise crusher, small high speed crusher or experimental crusher;

3. If uniformity of uniformity is required, a low noise pulverizer or an experimental pulverizer should be used;

4. If the drug is required to have no loss, use a small high-speed pulverizer;

5. If the output is large, you can choose the universal crusher;

6. If you choose to smash western medicine, pearls, chemical raw materials, food raw materials, minerals, soil, coal and other materials, you can choose low noise pulverizer, small high speed pulverizer, universal pulverizer or experimental pulverizer;

7. If you crush the food ingredients, you can also choose the wind-selected medicine crusher.

The above is our view on the field of use and selection of the crusher. Our company is a professional manufacturing factory that combines crushing, mixing, drying, granulating, sieving and conveying production line machinery, which are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. If you are interested in crushing machines, you can contact us and we will provide you with professional services.

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