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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to When Choosing a Crusher?

Mar. 11, 2021

Here are the issues that the Crusher Supplier should pay attention to when choosing a crusher. I hope it will help you



1. The water content of the stone

The water content of raw materials is the main reason that affects the working efficiency of the crusher. If the moisture content of the raw material is too high and the humidity of the material is too high, it will form agglomerates or stick to the broken wall, which will affect the discharge of the material and cause blockage, thereby affecting production or causing mechanical failure.

2. The hardness of the stone

Why can the hardness of the stone become a main indicator for selecting Crusher Equipment? Because different crushers adapt to different stone hardness, this is mainly determined by the structure and material of the crusher. Generally, medium-hard stones such as granite, basalt, quartz stone, and pebbles are suitable for cone crushers, while shale and limestone are suitable for counterattack crushers. If the counterattack is used to process medium and high hard stones such as basalt, it will cause the wearing parts to wear too quickly, which will easily reduce the service life of the machine, thereby increasing the production cost.

3. The size of incoming and outgoing materials

In the crushing production process, there are two sizes that determine our equipment configuration type. One is the size of the stone itself, which determines how big and which type we choose and the size of the feed inlet of the crusher. The other is the size of the final product processed, which determines the type of fine crushing equipment in our back end and the adjustment of the crusher's discharge port.

4. Production volume

There is no need to explain too much about the production capacity. In the case that we don't understand the above indicators, a simple configuration can actually be done by relying on a production capacity alone. Generally, the larger the production capacity, the larger the model of the equipment, and of course the corresponding price will be higher.

The above four indicators are the main reference standards when selecting a crusher. In fact, they are very simple. In summary, they are the production capacity, the humidity of the raw materials, the size of the incoming and outgoing materials, and the hardness of the stone. In addition, it is recommended that we do not have to be strict with these requirements when choosing, and we must learn more about our actual situation. Of course, in addition to the crusher, the company also provides Double Cone Mixers and mixers. If necessary, please feel free to contact us

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