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Maintenance Method For Gear Lubrication of Crusher Equipment

Mar. 18, 2021

Here is the maintenance method of the gear lubrication of the crusher equipment shared by the Crusher Supplier. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.



1. Temperature: When the temperature is shortened, the lubricating oil will thicken, and when the temperature rises, it will become thinner. Therefore, the crusher needs low-viscosity lubricating oil under low temperature conditions, and heavy oil is required to prevent metal under high temperature conditions. Dry friction with metal.

2. Speed: The faster the sliding and rotating speed, the less time it takes to squeeze the lubricating oil between the gears. At the same time, the lubricating oil is more likely to agglomerate and thicken under high-speed operation. Therefore: use high-viscosity oil for low speed and low-viscosity oil for high speed.

3. Load: High-viscosity oil is more resistant to heavy loads than thin oil and prohibits metal-metal collisions. Therefore, the Crusher needs low-viscosity lubricating oil for light load, and high-viscosity lubricating oil for high load.

4. Hit load: For example, the mechanical power generated by the engine requires boundary lubrication compared with heavy oil to prevent the instantaneous fragmentation of the oil film. In view of the fact that there is only a small amount of lubricating oil left, in this case, the need A lubricating oil containing a pressure increase agent.

5. Gear type: When using straight teeth, helical teeth, herringbone teeth and bevel gear pairs, the oil film caused by mechanical sliding and rotation will slow down the direct contact between the meshing gear teeth. On the equal axis system, the direction of sliding operation is not conducive to maintaining the oil film. In this system, boundary lubrication often occurs in large numbers.

Therefore, the crusher machinery still needs heavy oil in the turbo-worm system and the hyperbolic gear system with large eccentricity. When these systems are under heavy load and high pressure, it is necessary to choose the high-strength oil film properties, smoothness, and lubricity. Or even a lubricating oil with a pressure increase agent. In addition, the company also provides a Double Cone Mixer, please feel free to contact us if you need it

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