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What is the Difference Between V-Mixer and Other Mixers?

Jun. 24, 2021

Today, the Industrial Powder Mixer Manufacturer has summarized the various features and differences between V-mixers and other mixers, as well as the working process of V-mixers, and compiled some information for you.

The filling factor of the V-mixer is only 10%, while the filling factor of the three-dimensional mixer is as high as 72%, and the three-dimensional mixer has a higher degree of mixing than the V-mixer in all periods. For container-type rotary mixers such as V-mixers, the materials in the container change their mutual position by gathering or alternating up and down. In order to have a space for the material to be dispersed, the vessel must have a large volume. There is a limit to the filling volume, which is generally 30%-50%.

The structure and operating characteristics of the three-dimensional mixer allow the material in the vessel to periodically rotate, reverse and translate in a three-dimensional motion. It is characterized by continuous movement of the material by means of alternating pulsations. The convection and diffusion of the material is very adequate, even if it is filled. The coefficient is very high and a high degree of mixing can be achieved in a short time.

Double Cone Mixer

Double Cone Mixer

In addition, the V-Mixer is a containerized rotating gravity mixer, which has a limit on the critical speed, so the speed cannot be too high and a certain degree of mixing can only be guaranteed by extending the mixing time. The three-dimensional mixer has a complex motion and no critical speed. The speed limit can be very high, so its efficiency is very high.

In the operation of the three-dimensional mixer, due to the multi-directional operation of the mixing cylinder, a variety of materials in the mixing process to accelerate the flow and diffusion, while avoiding the general mixer due to centrifugal force and the specific gravity of the material segregation and accumulation. Phenomenon, no dead angle in the mixing, can effectively ensure the best quality of mixed materials.

The working principle of the mixer is mainly through its auxiliary mechanical stirrer, airflow and the injection of the liquid to be mixed to stir the material to be mixed, so that it is mixed uniformly. In the gluedon process, a part of the liquid flows and the flowing liquid pushes the surrounding liquid. Thus, a circular flow of liquid is formed in the vessel. The resulting diffusion between liquids is referred to as main convection diffusion.

When the liquid flow rate caused by stirring is high, shear occurs at the interface between the high speed liquid flow and the surrounding low vulgar liquid flow, resulting in a large number of local vortices. These vortices quickly spread around, and more liquid is drawn into the vortex. The diffusion of turbulent pile flow formed in a small area is called vortex diffusion.

The normal operation process of a V-mixer is:

1. Start the reverse button of the V-mixer, adjust the motor speed and run slowly in reverse.

2. During the operation of the V-mixer, the body should run at a uniform speed without abnormal noise.

3. Open the feed port of the mixer and confirm again that the discharge port is closed. According to the process control requirements, put the specified amount of materials into the V hopper.

4. After the feeding is completed, close the feeding port and lock it to prevent the material from flowing out when mixing.

5. After the mixture reaches the time specified in the process, make the machine stop by adjusting the speed control button of the motor. After stopping the machine, make the discharge port of the mixer face the ground directly and adjust the speed control button of the motor to 0. V-shaped mixer stop button. Turn to the right and cut off the power.

The above is the difference between V mixer and other mixers introduced by the supplier of ribbon mixer, in addition the company also provides Double Cone Mixer, if you need, please feel free to contact us

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