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What is the Difference Between 3D Mixer and V-Mixer?

Jul. 07, 2021

3D Mixer Machine is a novel material mixer, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and other professional and scientific research units. The machine can mix powder or granular materials very evenly, with good flow function, so that the mixed materials to achieve the best results, the following we look at the characteristics of the three-dimensional mixer and notes:

Three dimensional mixer features:

1. The mixing barrel of the three-dimensional mixer is planned together. The inner wall of the machine body is polished precisely, no dead angle, no pollutants. When unloading, the material is discharged smoothly under the action of self-weight, leaving no residual material. It has the advantages of easy accumulation and cleaning.

2. Small vibration, low noise, free adjustment of working position, easy installation and maintenance, and long service life.

3. Due to the multi-directional movement of the mixing cylinder, there are many mixing points of materials in the cylinder, and the mixing effect is remarkable. Mixing uniformity is higher than the general mixer, drug content uniformity error is lower than the general mixer.

4. materials are mixed in a closed state, will not cause pollution to the working environment; 5. low height, small commutation space, construction generally does not require bad smell 10,000 years, and the penalty area is small.

V-Type Mixer

V-Type Mixer

V-Type Mixer can be used for uniform mixing of dry powder or granular materials, good fluidity, the material will not dissolve, volatilize or deteriorate in the mixing process.

The machine is more reasonable in planning than the general mixer, with high mixing power and simpler operation. The unique structure of mixing barrel, good mixing effect, no dead angle, the barrel is made of stainless steel, polished inside and outside wall, beautiful appearance, uniform mixing, widely used, in line with GMP norms. According to customer requirements, it can be equipped with forced mixer to mix with suitable finer powder, lumpy materials containing certain moisture.

V-mixer can be used for uniform mixing of dry powder or granular materials with good fluidity. It is suitable for medicine, food, feed, fertilizer, fuel, ore and other occupations.

Advantages of V-mixer:

1. Compact structure, simple operation, stable work and no noise.

2. It can adapt to the mixing of various materials, and the uniformity rate reaches 98%.

3. V-mixer works well when mixing conflicting materials.

4. When mixing materials with good fluidity and similar physical properties, it can obtain better mixing effect.

5. Vacuum feed and disc valve discharge can be implemented to realize dust-free operation.

6. When mixing materials that are easy to dew and stick together, it is necessary to install equipment such as forced mixing blades or dispersion plates in the mixing equipment.

7. Adjustable speed, timing equipment and planned forced mixing can effectively ensure the uniform mixing of materials.

The filling factor of v-mixer is only 10%, while the filling factor of 3D mixer is up to 72%, and the mixing degree of 3D motion mixer is higher than that of v-mixer in each time period.

For container-flipping mixers such as v-mixers, the position of the materials in the container changes with each other after they are dispersed or alternately lifted. In order to make the material have a loose space, the container must have a large volume, so there is a certain limit to the amount of material filling, generally 30%-50%.

The structure and working characteristics of the three-dimensional motion mixer make the material in the container periodically rotate, invert and translate in three dimensions. It has the characteristic of moving the material continuously in an alternating pulsating manner. The convection and dispersion of the material is so adequate that a high degree of mixing can be achieved in a short period of time, even with a high load factor.

The above is the difference between three-dimensional mixer and V-type mixer listed in the Ribbon Mixer Manufacturer, I hope it will help you, in addition, the company also provides dry powder mixer and vacuum mixer, if you need, please feel free to contact us!

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