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Double Cone Mixer Does Not Discharge The Solution

Nov. 14, 2019

With the continuous development of mixing equipment, a variety of mixers have been applied to industrial production, which has made great contributions to improving work efficiency. Among them, the double cone mixer is one of the commonly used widely. So what are the advantages of the double cone mixer? What if the double cone mixer does not discharge? The following Ribbon Mixer Machine supplier will come to tell you.

First, the advantages of the double cone mixer

1. Flexible material selection plan

The mixer can be customized with carbon steel, manganese steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 321 stainless steel and other materials, and different materials can also be combined.

2, reliable drive configuration

The mixer is equipped with driving devices of different capacities, different powers and different output speeds according to the nature of the material, the starting mode, and the stirring mode. The selection of the drive motor includes: ordinary motor, anti-riot motor, variable frequency motor, high-efficiency energy-saving motor, high-protection motor, and motor under different voltage.

3, efficient mixing device

The mixer can be configured with different agitators according to different material properties; Conventional material mixing points: different powder materials are mixed with each other, the same material batch is mixed, the powder material is added with a small amount of liquid mixing, and the liquid is added with powder to stir the slurry and slurry. The material is thickened or diluted, the granular material is mixed with the powder, the granular material is mixed with the granular material, the agglomerate is crushed and mixed, cooled or heated to mix.

4, excellent discharge device

The horizontal ribbon mixer is equipped with a pneumatic curved flap valve. When the valve is closed, the curved flap of the valve completely conforms to the curved surface of the cylinder. During the mixing process, there is no excessive stirring dead angle to make the mixture more uniform. 5, powerful auxiliary components

The mixer can be installed with a variety of components, such as coil steam jacket, honeycomb pressure jacket, circulating media jacket, online sampling valve, high speed flying knife, magnetic separator, temperature detection, weighing system, Dust removal and other components.

The jacket of the mixer adopts different types of jackets according to different heat source media, which can be cooled and cooled, and the high temperature is within 250 degrees Celsius. When adding a small amount of liquid, a spray spray device is required, which is more advantageous for the liquid to be uniformly dispersed and mixed in the main material. The liquid discharge system consists of three basic components: pressure source, liquid storage tank and nozzle.

Double Cone Powder Mixer

Double Cone Powder Mixer

Second, how to solve the Double Cone Powder Mixer without discharging

1. Powder material mixing is a complex random process, and the evaluation and measurement methods of mixing quality have always been a thorny problem that plagues people. If the scientific uniformity is used to determine the mixing uniformity, quantitative analysis is required.

2. To this end, it is necessary to sample, test, and statistically analyze (data processing) several processes to obtain a single magnitude to express the uniformity of the mixture, thereby judging the mixing uniformity of the double cone mixer.

3. In addition to considering the mixing uniformity, the heat sensitivity of the material needs to be considered.

4. We know that many mixed materials have a low melting point. When the materials are mixed, friction will generate heat. The heat sensitive materials will easily stick to the inner wall of the mixer. Not only is the cleaning inconvenient and incomplete, but also the residue of the mixed materials. , resulting in waste of resources. Compared with other mixers, the double cone mixer is a good equipment for mixing heat sensitive materials and granular materials.

The above is an introduction to the performance advantages of the double cone mixer and the solution of the non-discharge, I hope to help you.

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