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Granulator Is Significant in Tablet Manufacturing

Nov. 10, 2021

Pelletizing is the process of causing primary powder particles to adhere to form larger multi-particle entities called pellets. It increases the particle size of the ingredients used, which are mostly very fine powders. The larger the particle size of the ingredient, the greater its ability to compress or bind.

Granulator is very important in the tablet manufacturing process because it.

1. Improves flowability

2. Degreasing and separation of the powder components

3. Degreasing and dusting

4. Improves the compressibility of the material

The ideal granulation will contain all components of the mixture in the correct proportions in each pellet and no separation of components will occur.

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Granulation processes

There are two main granulation processes for the tablet manufacturing process.

1. Wet granulation

Wet granulation involves the use of a granulating fluid to bring together a mixture of dry primary powder particles. The fluid contains a solvent that must be volatile so that it can be removed by drying and is non-toxic. It involves the following steps.

Sieving: Sieving the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and the excipient, which will be mixed together.

Mixing: In order to mix them more thoroughly, a dry mixing process is used. After mixing is complete, the granulating solution is added to the mixer-granulator.

Drying: The material is then dried in a dryer, usually a fluidized bed dryer or a tray dryer. Once the ingredients are dry, they are ground using a mass sieve.

Lubrication: The final step is lubrication, which allows the pellets to adhere firmly together. This is accomplished by adding a lubricant. The most commonly used lubricant is magnesium stearate. The resulting material is thus ready for further compression and manufacture.

2. Dry pelletizing

Dry pelletizing does not involve the use of liquid lubricants. This is because the components used may react chemically with the reagents used, hence the use of dry granulation equipment technology.

Dispense: The first step in dry granulation is to dispense the API and excipients used in the amounts specified.

Dry Mixing or Blending: Once both ingredients have been dispensed, the API and the excipients within the pellet are mixed together by dry mixing.

Compaction: After the material has been dry mixed, it is compacted by means of a tumbler. This results in the formation of segment plugs.

Grinding or crushing: The block is then ground or crushed until the desired particle size is obtained. Depending on the product requirements, a sieve is used to obtain the right size of granules. At this stage, further mixing is done by adding extra granular excipients.

The dry granulation technique is suitable for drugs that cannot be well compressed or are moisture sensitive.

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Main applications

Pharmacy: Raw material smaashes,wet material makes a granule,does the table expecting that the entire granule,discrepancy demand,requires the size reclaiming the degree making use of a petter but pushing down to demand to carry out the entire granule .

Food: The broken to pieces reclaim makes of biscuit 

Other: Thick shape raw material broken to pieces and entire granule ,from of block raw material broken to pieces and entire granule,packing raw material decomposition.

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