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Difference between Granulators and Grinding Machines

Nov. 17, 2021

We all have heard of terms like granulation, crushing, shredding and compactor. Although they seem to perform similar waste handling tasks in some form, there are significant differences in the mechanics, size, function, processing and results they produce. Now, let's discuss the differences between granulators and grinders.

Granulators insight

A granulator is an industrial machine used to compress or turn larger components into very fine particles or micro-particles. granulators are highly used in industrial applications because many industries need to break down their bulk waste into finer particles or components that can be easily broken down. Compared to grinders, granulators are able to reduce the size of the waste to a significant fraction. Therefore, there is a demand for it in heavy industries. It is also used in agriculture and cottage industries where wastes such as rice, plastic bottles, metal cans, and various other non-degradable products can be reduced to tiny forms. These granulated particles can then be reused or simply broken down to a safer location.

GK dry granules making Compactor Granulator machine

Grinders insight

When considering the use of a grinding machine, it can be used to break or compress harder materials or even materials of a shape or size such as rock into a residue or reduced product of relatively small size. In contrast to grinders, grinders are suitable for materials that are brittle or less hard. As a result, grinders utilize greater forces to break hard rock formations into smaller pieces. These crushed materials are then recycled and used for various other purposes such as industry and agriculture.

WF pulse cyclone dried dates sugar Powder Grinder machine

Difference between them

The sizes of granulators and grinders are also very different. A process that is primarily crushing uses larger and sharper blades. However, depending on the size and type of waste, granulators have less sharp and smaller blades. In addition, the grinder requires a lot of time and effort because it involves crushing harder materials. grinder's power consumption is greater and the granulator is used to reduce the size and form of less hard material. As a result, the granulator saves more power and thus puts less strain on the earth's natural resources.

Another major factor that distinguishes the grinder from the granulator is the feed. the granulator operates at high speeds (from 415 rpm to 1460 rpm) with relatively low torque. The granulator, on the other hand, runs at high torque at lower speeds (3.6 rpm to 83 rpm). Most granulators require manual metering of the feed, conveyor, or some other feeding mechanism. A grinder is the opposite, the more and heavier the waste, the easier it is to grind, as the weight of the waste at the top of the hopper forces the lower waste to cut down.

It is not always an either/or situation, sometimes these two types of shredders work in tandem with each other. At WANTONG, we manufacture various types and sizes of crushers and granulators, so if you are not sure what your equipment needs are, please contact us and we will assess your needs and provide you with the best shredding solution.

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