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Three Maintenance Skills Of Vacuum Dryer

Jun. 11, 2020

In the context of the continuous development of the food industry and the increasing requirements of the food drying market, food drying equipment is developing in the direction of more energy-saving, environmental protection and good drying quality. It is true that no matter how fast the drying equipment is, how high the drying quality is, such as a vacuum dryer. Users must pay special attention to the maintenance of the equipment during use. So, how to maintain the vacuum dryer?

It is understood that with the development and progress of drying technology, compared with traditional drying equipment, the emergence of vacuum dryers not only greatly improves the drying efficiency of products, reduces energy consumption, saves energy and protects the environment, but also reduces the loss of nutrients in materials. Product health and nutrition. Especially nowadays, people have higher requirements for product health and nutrition quality, and the vacuum dryer meets the quality requirements.

From the current point of view, as green drying equipment, the vacuum dryer has a broad market prospect, and the quality continues to improve. Energy conservation, environmental protection, and automated operation have become the development trend, which is also the main development direction of my country's drying equipment. Insiders pointed out that in the next few years, the vacuum dryer industry will usher in tremendous changes.

In this context, more and more drying equipment manufacturers are committed to technology research and development, giving equipment more green and environmentally friendly design concepts, and strengthening technological innovation to meet market demand. However, in the process of use, users should also pay attention to the maintenance knowledge of vacuum dryers to better extend the life of the equipment.

Pay attention to three major matters in the maintenance of vacuum dryer:

First, in daily use, necessary preparations should be made. Check whether the connection between the bearing and the sealing part of each device is loose, the lubricating oil condition of each mechanical component, and whether the water, wind, slurry pipe valve port, etc. are in the required position, to prevent the components from loosening, no lubricating oil, etc. causing the equipment to appear Failures, over time, shorten the service life of equipment.

Three Maintenance Skills Of Vacuum Dryer

Second, the vacuum drying equipment must use a steam jacket to indirectly heat the material and exhaust it under high vacuum, but it cannot operate under high temperature conditions, or cannot use materials that are susceptible to oxidation at high temperature or materials that easily produce powder during drying, and Drying of materials that must be recovered from steam or solvents that are removed during the drying process.

Third, if you do not use the vacuum dryer for a long time, you should pay attention to clean all parts, especially the oven door seal, to prevent aging. Close the vacuum drying oven door tightly. Note: Please do not use liquids with strong acid and alkaline strength, just use clean water to clean. After cleaning, please pay attention to dry the water.

In general, the maintenance of vacuum drying equipment is not only beneficial to prolong the service life of the equipment, but also reduces the frequency of equipment failure, indirectly saving users a certain cost of production and post-maintenance.

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