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Single Cone Dryer

Jun. 11, 2020

In the production process of pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and other industries, the powder needs to be dried, and at the same time, a variety of powders or materials must be fully mixed. The performance of the drying equipment not only has a significant impact on production efficiency but also on the quality of the products produced.

The internal heating stirring ribbon is the core component of the single-cone vacuum dryer, and its structural quality and stirring effect directly affect the performance of the whole machine.

The stirring spiral belt must fully stir the various reaction materials such as liquid, liquid, solid or gas-liquid in the machine during the reaction stage, so that it can be fully mixed. In the drying stage, the stirring screw belt must fully stir the filter cake until the dry powder material. Therefore, the stirring screw belt is required to be able to adapt to the stirring of various performance materials from liquid to slurry, from slurry to filter cake, and from filter cake to dry powder.

Single Cone Dryer

The axial lifting movement of the mixing belt on the material causes the material to be lifted up from the lower part along the wall of the cone-shaped shell during mixing, and after lifting to the upper part, the angle of the upper belt changes, so that the material is discharged into the central part, and then Falling from the central part to the bottom of the lower cone, and then lifted upward from the bottom of the cone along the shell wall, so that the material continuously circulates and continuously produces a large flow of axial movement in the machine; the stirring screw device makes the material radial Mixing movement, the mixing screw is connected to the mixing shaft through many support beams, the support beam is like the impeller of the centrifugal pump, so that it generates centrifugal force on the material during stirring, so that the center of the material continues to the equipment shell (Edge) movement, and the material moving to the edge of the equipment is lifted upwards by the spiral belt for axial circulation; the circumferential stirring movement of the material by the stirring screw belt device, in addition to the stirring screw belt device can make the material move in the radial direction and the axis In addition to the outward motion, the material can also be moved in a circumferential direction along the circumferential direction. This is mainly due to the circumferential stirring effect of the rotary movement of the spiral belt and the support beam similar to the paddle mixer.

In summary, the mixing motion of materials in the machine is actually a three-way compound motion of axial motion, radial motion and circumferential motion, and its mixing and mixing effects are good

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