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Performance Advantages Of Double Cone Mixer

Nov. 26, 2019

With the continuous research and development of mixing equipment, a variety of mixers have been applied to industrial production and have made great contributions to improving work efficiency. Among them, the double cone mixer is one of the commonly used equipment. Because of its many types, it is applied widely. So what are the characteristics and advantages of the double cone mixer? The following Ribbon Mixer suppliers will come to tell you.

First, the characteristics and advantages of double cone mixer

1, flexible material selection plan

The double cone mixer can be customized with carbon steel, manganese steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 321 stainless steel and other materials, and different materials can also be used in combination. Differentiate when selecting materials for the equipment: contact with materials and non-contact with materials some parts; inside the mixer can also be targeted to add functional coatings or protective layers such as anti-corrosion, anti-adhesion, isolation, wear resistance, etc .; stainless steel surface treatment is divided into sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing, mirror surface and other treatment methods, and can be separately apply to different use parts;

2, reliable drive configuration

Double Cone Mixing Machine is equipped with drive devices with different capabilities, different powers, and different output speeds according to the material properties, starting method, and mixing method.

The choice of driving motors are: ordinary motors, riot motors, variable frequency motors, energy-efficient motors, high protection motors, and motors under different voltages;

Commonly used reducers: R, K, F series gear reducers, cycloid pin gear reducers, universal gear reducers, planetary gear reducers;

Common connection methods: direct connection, pulley connection, hydraulic coupling connection.

3.Efficient stirring device

The mixer can be configured with different agitators according to different material properties; conventional material mixing points: different powders are mixed with each other, batches of the same material are mixed in batches, powder is added with a small amount of liquid, and liquid is added to the slurry to be stirred The material is thickened or diluted, the granulated material is mixed with the powder material, the granulated material is mixed with the granulated material, the briquette material is crushed and mixed, and the mixture is cooled or heated.

Double Cone Mixing Machine modified agitators can be divided into: internal and external double spiral type, paddle ribbon type, internal and external broken ribbon type, razor type and so on.

4. Excellent discharging device

Double Cone Mixing Machine is conventionally equipped with a pneumatic curved flap valve. When the valve is closed, the curved flap of the valve completely fits the arc surface of the cylinder. During the mixing process, there is no unnecessary dead corner to make the mixture more uniform. The driving of the valve can be divided into three types: manual, pneumatic and electric.

The valves for reference are powder spherical valve, roller valve, plum blossom displacement valve, powder butterfly valve, rotary feeding valve, etc.

Double Cone Mixing Machine

Double Cone Mixing Machine

5. Powerful auxiliary components

The mixer can be installed with a variety of components. Commonly used coil steam jackets, honeycomb pressure jackets, circulating medium jackets, online sampling valves, high-speed flying knives, magnetic separators, temperature detection, weighing systems, Dust removal and purification components.

The jacket of the mixer adopts different types of jackets according to different heat source media, which can be heated and cooled, and the high temperature is within 250 degrees Celsius. When adding a small amount of liquid, a liquid spraying device needs to be configured, which is more conducive to the uniform dispersion and mixing of the liquid in the main material. The liquid spraying system consists of three basic components: pressure source, liquid storage tank and spray head.

The above is the performance advantage of the Double Cone Mixer shared by the manufacturer of Powder Mixer Machine.

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