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Significance And Advantages Of 3D Mixer

Nov. 24, 2019

At present, the mixing equipment commonly used in many industries such as medicine, chemical industry, light industry in China are mainly: V Type Mixer, double cone mixer and two-dimensional mixer. The materials of these mixers are flipped inside the barrel, mainly relying on simple rotary motion. Its mixing benefit mainly depends on that the rotation speed and rotation speed should be lower than the critical rotation speed. If the rotation speed is too large, the mixing efficiency will be reduced: the speed is too slow to produce the required strong turning action and the due shear speed.

Therefore, these mixing equipments have many disadvantages: the mixing is not uniform, the loading factor is low, and the rotation height is high. The kinematic mixer can make the material move in the trajectory of the three-dimensional space.It not only has turbulence, but can accelerate the diffusion and movement of the material. The turning motion can overcome the influence of centrifugal force, eliminate the phenomenon of specific gravity deviation, and does not produce the phenomenon of material accumulation and clump retention.Its turbulent action is strong, and the turning motion is slow, so that the material moves in the mixing cylinder without any dead angle.

This type of mixer's mixing cylinder has the following motion modes: while rotating, it also performs revolutions, and has all-round movements of up, down, left and right, and back and forth. Therefore, the three-dimensional mixer has many advantages: less mixing time, high mixing uniformity, large mixing coefficient of the mixing cylinder, low equipment height, small turning space, small footprint, adjustable work station, convenient feeding and discharging, low vibration and low noise wait. The most important thing is to improve production efficiency and product quality.

In summary, it can be seen that the Three-Dimensional Mixer has many advantages over other types of mixers!

Three-Dimensional Mixer

Three-Dimensional Mixer

The main features of 3D mixer:

1. Significant energy saving effect. Compared with the drum mixer, the energy consumption of the three-dimensional mixer is only one tenth of that.

2. The three-dimensional mixer equipment has multi-directional movement, which makes the materials in the barrel have multiple cross-mixing points, high mixing effect, uniformity can reach 99.9% and the maximum loading factor can reach 0.9 (common mixer is 0. 4 to 0.6).

3. Short mixing time and high efficiency. Fast mixing speed and uniform quality. The double-spiral of the three-dimensional mixer is placed asymmetrically, which increases the mixing range from large to small, so it is more suitable to compare the disparity of the heavy materials than the disparate materials. This is very similar to the two-dimensional motion mixer, their mixing speed and quality are very good. The mixed preparation is stable without delamination and segregation. The wear and pressure of the granular materials are small, and no overheating reaction occurs to the heat-sensitive materials.

4. The design of the three-dimensional mixer equipment is common, and the mixing has no dead ends, which can effectively ensure the best quality of the mixed materials. The inner wall of the barrel is finely polished, no dead corners, no contaminated materials, convenient discharge, easy cleaning and simple operation.

5. The three-dimensional mixer is sealed and dust-free, with simple operation, convenient repair, and long service life. In addition, according to the user's requirements, the cone can be made into a pressure vessel for pressure or vacuum operation.

6. The autobiography and revolution of the three-dimensional mixer have a set of motor and cycloidal pin gear reducer. In fact, there are similar V-type mixers, which were briefly mentioned in the previous introduction.

7.The design of the mixing barrel of the three-dimensional mixer is the same. The inner wall of the body is precisely polished, no dead corners, no pollutants. When discharging, the materials are discharged smoothly under the effect of self-weight. The advantages of easy accumulation and cleaning;

8.Low vibration, low noise, freely adjustable work station, convenient device repair and long service life;

9. Because the mixing cylinder has multiple directions of movement, the material inside the cylinder has more mixing points, and the mixing effect is significant. Its mixing uniformity is higher than that of the general mixer, and the uniformity error of the drug content is lower than that of the general mixer , The maximum volume of the three-dimensional mixer is greater than the maximum volume of the general mixer is 40% of the full volume of the barrel is more than doubled up to 85%;

10.The materials are mixed in a closed state, which will not cause pollution to the working environment;

11, low height, small reversal space, construction (skill mezzanine) generally does not need to stink ten thousand years, and the penalty area is small.

The above is the meaning and characteristics of the 3D mixer introduced by the Powder Mixer Machine supplier. I hope it can help everyone.

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