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The Main Uses of Vibrating Screens in Material Processing

Sep. 23, 2021

A vibrating screen machine refers to a vibrating screening device which is designed to perform separation, classification and peeling functions. It is a circular single rotating screen which is primarily used for separating and classifying different forms of bulk material.

In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, the machine has typical applications in other industries. Some of these industries include the chemical, cement and food processing industries.

This is what we will discuss: the main uses of vibrating screens in the processing of materials. Ideally, the main use of a vibrating screen often varies from one application to another. In fact, it also depends on the design and construction of the machine.

Let us therefore follow WANTONG into the thick of things and look at some of the main uses of this accessory.

High Efficiency Vibrating Sieve

Screening or re-bolting

Essentially, as the name suggests, this is one of the main uses of this particular type of processing machine. This simply means removing lumps that may have formed in the material as a result of long-term storage. What happens in this case is that the mesh openings are involved in the process that ultimately produces a relatively finer material.

A practical example of sifting is in relation to flour. This occurs when you remove string, insect larvae, labels and insect debris immediately after packaging or shipping, before releasing the product to the consumer.


This is another important area where you can use the inspection screen. It necessarily involves the removal of clumps or various unwanted foreign particles from a finer material than its scalping screen. You can use the scalping screen to remove some unwanted foreign particles, including twigs, tags, string and sticks.

Often you will find that the size of the mesh or opening is often larger than the product size. The process can easily be carried out at current rates with high material volumes on small screen areas. The separation process is also highly effective.

Proof screening

We also use a vibrating screen machine for proof screening. In many industries, this equipment provides the final inspection of the product at the end of the entire manufacturing process. But you will realise that when you use this machine for proof screening, the product has already been filtered in advance. In addition, you need to be aware that this may be a scalping or grading task.

Screening or grading

This is another important use of a vibrating screen machine. Screening or grading necessarily refers to the act of separating components according to their actual size.

This is always obvious when there are tasks that require a reasonably close approximation of the ideal separated material.

The degree of material handled is also an important factor in determining the speed of screening or classification. If the throughput is relatively low, this means that you need less screen area. Therefore, when using this machine, you also need to be aware of the necessary adjustments that can be made to it to achieve high efficiency.

Horizontal Vibration Sifter

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