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What is the Production and Processing Rate of the Horizontal Ribbon Mixer?

Feb. 05, 2020

Horizontal Ribbon Type Mixer has the following characteristics:

Discharging method at the bottom of the mixer: The powder material adopts the structure of pneumatic large-opening door, which has the advantages of fast discharge and no residual; etc. High-precision materials or semi-fluid materials adopt manual butterfly valves or pneumatic butterfly valves. It has good tightness to semi-fluid, but the cost is higher than manual butterfly valve. Where heating or cooling is required, a jacket can be configured. There are two heating methods: electric heating and thermal oil heating. Electric heating is convenient, but the heating speed is slow and the energy consumption is high. The heating oil needs to be equipped with oil pans and oil-conducting power and pipes. The investment is large, but the heating speed is fast. Low energy consumption. The cooling process can directly inject cooling water into the jacket, and the jacket has a large heat exchange area and a fast cooling speed. The motor and the stirring spindle are directly connected through a cycloidal pinwheel reducer. The structure is simple, the operation reliability is high, and the maintenance is convenient.

 Ribbon Type Mixer

Ribbon Type Mixer

In many production and processing enterprises, mixed production and processing steps of raw materials are required. Workers can promote this raw material to machinery and equipment, and then carry out production and processing according to the method of setting main parameters, so that they can easily exceed manufacturing For this purpose, in this kind of mixing equipment, the ribbon mixer is one of them. In recent years, the use of such machinery and equipment has become more and more common. Many customers are looking forward to mastering the principle of vertical ribbon mixing equipment. And production processing rate, so that it can be more easily and quickly after the equipment is installed, and exceeds the ideal purpose.


When using this kind of machinery and equipment, everyone pays great attention to the production and processing rate of machinery and equipment. For example, production and processing steps can be performed in a shorter period of time. Long-term practical operations can also generate a lot of benefits for Mixer Manufacturers. Processing rate is one of the evaluation indicators for everyone to purchase machinery and equipment. During the production and processing of the ribbon mixer, the key is to try a specially made helical gear to run it. This helical gear is divided into two parts, the internal and external parts. After starting the machine and equipment, the leaves in different positions can operate independently. It will be mixed by the leaves.

At this stage, the design method used for the ribbon mixer has undergone many improvements. Compared with traditional machinery and equipment, the main performance is more prominent. The raw materials can not only be fully mixed after they enter the machinery and equipment, but also not easy to stay. There are blind spots. During the production and processing period, the speed is rapid. Therefore, the manufacturers carry out the actual operation of production, processing, and manufacturing according to the vertical ribbon mixing equipment.

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