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What are the Advantages of Ribbon Mixers in the Chemical Industry?

Feb. 12, 2020

The chemical industry occupies an important position in the national economy of each country and is a basic industry and a pillar industry in many countries. The chemical industry is a large polluter because of its many categories, complex processes, and diverse products, and the variety, quantity, and toxicity of pollutants emitted during production. The sustainable development of the chemical industry has important practical significance for human economic and social development. Ribbon Type Mixer has the advantages of uniform mixing, no dead corners, fast discharge, no surplus, large production capacity, stable operation, simple maintenance, etc. High-fineness materials or semi-fluid materials adopt manual butterfly valves or pneumatic butterfly valves. Optional heating or cooling jacket. There are two heating methods: electric heating and thermal oil heating. The cooling process can directly inject cooling water into the jacket, and the powder material adopts a pneumatic large-opening door structure. The jacket has a large heat exchange area and fast cooling speed.

Ribbon Type Mixer

Ribbon Type Mixer

A double spiral blade is arranged on the driving spindle of the helical belt mixer. The internal spiral conveys the material to the outside, and the external spiral gathers the material to the inside. Under the convective motion of the double-layer spiral belt, the material forms a low-power and efficient mixed environment. The inner and outer diameter spirals installed on the stirring shaft drive the material in the barrel, so that the mixer can turn the animal in the barrel to the maximum extent. When the mixing device is in operation, the inner spiral drives the material near the axis to perform axial rotation, and the axial direction is pushed from the inside to the two sides. The outer spiral drives the material near the barrel wall to perform the axis rotation. Able to mix uniformly in a short time.

The following manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Powder Mixer Machine introduce the advantages of ribbon mixers:

1 Structural advantages: U-shaped barrel structure, stable operation, uniform stirring, no dead angle, clean discharge, wide application range;

2 Speed advantage: Staggered back and forth with internal and external double-layer ribbons for fast mixing speed and high uniformity;

3 Low maintenance rate: The bearings are at both ends of the mixer, the materials are not easy to enter, and the maintenance rate is low;

4 Convenient loading: The screw conveyor is convenient for loading, the feeding port is flush with the ground, and the feeding is labor-saving and convenient;

5 Material selection: carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials are available for internal structure and overall design.

6 Drive advantage: Standard products use belt pulleys to drive the cycloid reducer. Compared with the large torque of the gear reducer, the elastic connection of the belt drive has the advantage of protecting the transmission components when overloaded.

7 Flexible disassembly: The main shaft of the ribbon is connected with the drive shaft flange in the cylinder, and can be quickly disassembled when maintenance or replacement of the mixing shaft type is required. The flexible disassembly design makes the U-shaped cylinder and the two end plates completely welded to avoid the accumulation gap caused by the flange connection of the cylinder and reduce the residue.

8 Disconnected ribbon: Compared with continuous ribbon, the disconnected ribbon has a large shearing motion on the material, and can cause the material to form many eddies in the flow, which speeds up the mixing speed and improves the uniformity of the mixing.

9 discharge form: the discharge form is generally a pneumatic (manual) flap valve, the arc valve is tightly embedded in the cylinder, flush with the inner wall of the cylinder, no material accumulation and mixed dead angle phenomenon, reliable side seal, to ensure frequent No leakage in the switch

10 Cooling and heating: jackets can be added outside the mixer barrel, and the materials can be cooled or heated by injecting cold and hot media into the jackets. Generally, industrial water is used for cooling, and steam or electricity can be used for heating.

11 Spindle seal: When mixing ultra-fine powder, the type of spindle seal can increase the air-tight setting, effectively blocking the flow of air powder inside and outside the cylinder.


The above is the advantage of the ribbon mixer in the chemical industry introduced by the Double Cone Mixer Machine supplier.

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