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Common Problems Encountered in the Use of Double Cone Mixer

Feb. 19, 2020

As long as the machine and equipment are in use, they will encounter some problems. The same is true for double-cone mixers. The more common faults are the loading of more than the theoretical amount, the phenomenon of "empty", and excessive noise and inlet / outlet. Material leaks, etc. Below, the supplier of Horizontal Ribbon Mixer analyzes in detail the problems that they often encounter, how to solve them, and the factors that will affect the performance of the double cone mixer. Interested friends will continue to look below.

Common problems encountered in the use of double cone mixer

1.The loading amount exceeds its theoretical amount

Because the loading capacity of the equipment is related to the bulk density of the material, under normal circumstances, the specific gravity of the material is calculated at 0.6g / cm3 during design. In actual production, the original theoretical quantity is still used to charge the material, one will affect the drying efficiency of the material, and the other will cause the life of the motor, reducer and sprocket chain to be reduced if it is used for a long time until it is unusable.

2. "Venting" phenomenon

Once used improperly, Double Cone Mixing Machine will experience phenomena such as vacuum tube bending, seal damage, filter deformation and even breakage during the drying process. This is because external air is put into the tank to backwash the filter during the drying process. At this time, a high degree of vacuum inside the tank can cause a strong impact of positive and negative airflow and damage the vacuum system. Note: After the material is dried, the tank needs to be emptied. When draining, the drain valve must be used to control its flow, that is, open the valve a little, wait for the vacuum in the tank to gradually decrease, and then gradually increase.

Double Cone Mixing Machine

Double Cone Mixing Machine

3. Excessive noise and leakage at the inlet / outlet

Excessive noise caused by loose feet, damaged worm gear reducer, damaged bearing tube, too loose chain, etc., you only need to check regularly and eliminate the fault in time.

What factors affect the performance of the double cone mixer

1. Run-in at the beginning of use

The initial operation of the double-quasi-mixer must be strictly run-in. Some departments do not pay attention to this link. After obtaining new equipment, the run-in is not strict. Some are used savagely for tasks, or even overloaded. The equipment is not well-behaved. The running-in destroys the proper state of the initial gap of each part, which will adversely affect the subsequent use.

2. Reasonableness in use

The same equipment has different results due to the reasonable use of the equipment. Some of them have to be scrapped in advance before the normal service life, while others can extend the service life by more than 30%.

3. Maintenance in use

Careful and timely maintenance is the key to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and give full play to its effectiveness.

4. The choice of oil

In the selection of lubricants, we must not take it lightly. We will do it casually, because as far as the condition of the equipment is concerned, good operation depends to a large extent on the clearances of the various parts, and the guarantee of the clearances, in addition to reasonable operation and good lubrication Crucially, this requires us to choose a reasonable oil in combination with seasonality.

The above is the introduction of the suppliers of Ribbon Mixer For Powder regarding the problems often encountered in the use of double cone mixers and the factors that affect their performance.

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