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The Use and Maintenance of the Mixer

Jan. 26, 2021

This is the use and maintenance of the mixer shared by the Mixer Supplier

1. The fixed foundation of the equipment needs to have sufficient rigidity to ensure no resonance and no shaking.

2. The maintenance of the Mixer is mainly the maintenance of the reducer part, so it is mainly used and maintained according to the above section.

Double Cone Blender

Double Cone Blender

3. If the blades are not completely immersed in the liquid, it is strictly forbidden to run empty vehicles to avoid danger and equipment damage.

4. If the equipment has abnormal sound, temperature rise and shaking after starting up, it should be stopped immediately and checked and dealt with.

5. Before starting the mixer, please make sure that the foundation bolts and all screws are completely fixed.

6. For high-speed or large-capacity mixing operations, a positioning device should be installed at the bottom or middle of the shaft to reduce the probability of failure caused by the shaking of the shaft.

7. According to different industries, different working environments and different mixing purposes, the selection of mixers is also very important. Improper selection can easily cause the mixer to have a low service life and high failure rate.

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