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​WF Pin Complete Pulverizer Machine Installation and Commissioning

Jan. 04, 2024

1. Remove the fixed gear disks, just need to take off the screw bolts.

2. Remove the bearing, first open the cavity cover, remove the rotary disk or screw knife, take the maze and bearing cover, and remove the pulley outside and bearing cover, then respectively ends to remove axis and ends bearing.

3. When installing the shaft cavity bushing oil hole still aimed on oil eye.

4. When installing the screen, should make the sieve circle glued to shoulder groove in the cavity, or it will damage the sieve circle when close the door.

5. When making sieve circles, sieve spread length should be according to sieve circle shoulder size. If the sieve damaged, should contact suppliers to change the sieves.

6. When installing screen, should alignment marks of two pieces of sieve circle when characters then click the screen into sieve circle inner. If the screen is too tight, should make the screen inward bend, then extrapolate.

WF Pin Complete Pulverizer Machine Installation and Commissioning

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