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What Are The Feeding Methods Of The Mixer?

Dec. 23, 2019

Mixer is a high-efficiency equipment, which has a wide range of applications in the market, and is deeply loved by various industries. Do you know how it is fed? In order to avoid everyone not knowing how to operate after buying back, the supplier of Double Cone Powder Mixer below has provided relevant instructions for your reference.

Feeding method of mixer

1.Feeding of screw feeder

This feeding method of Ribbon Mixer can effectively reduce the daily workload of employees. You can use the time relay to control the feeding amount by the device model. Because it is mechanically operated, it is more convenient and safer.

Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon Mixer

2.Feeding by vacuum feeder

This feeding method can prevent dust from overflowing and reduce environmental pollution inside the factory. This equipment is relatively small in size and easy to carry. Before specific operations, you can adjust the placement position according to the site and adjust a more suitable position, which is convenient for work and can improve work efficiency.

3.Manual feeding

This is a traditional method of feeding, requiring employees to climb the base of the mixer to open the lid of the pot, so that it can be added, which is time consuming and laborious.

Comparison of mixing effect of common materials of mixer

1. Density, composition, incompatible liquids

For liquids with different densities and components, and immiscible liquids, the shearing action and strong turbulence caused by stirring will shred dense liquids into small droplets and evenly disperse them into the main liquid. The liquid flow rate produced by the agitation must be greater than the settling speed of the droplets.

2. A small amount of insoluble powdery solids and liquids

The mixing mechanism of a small amount of insoluble powdery solids and liquids is different from the density and composition of liquids that are incompatible with each other, except that the particle size of the powdery solids cannot be changed by stirring. If Powder Mixer is used for mixing, the solid particles cannot settle below the liquid flow speed, no matter what kind of stirring method is used, it will not form a uniform suspension.

3. Mixing of different pastes

The mixing of different pastes is mainly to repeatedly divide the materials to be mixed and subject them to the strong shearing action caused by the actions of pressing, rolling, and squeezing. Subsequently, it was repeatedly combined and kneaded, and finally reached the required degree of mixing. This kind of mixing is difficult to achieve the ideal mixing, only random mixing can be achieved. The powdery solid is mixed with a small amount of liquid into a paste, and the mixing mechanism is the same as that of the paste-like material.

4. Different thermoplastic materials and the mixing of thermoplastic materials with a small amount of powdery solids

Different thermoplastic materials, and the mixing of thermoplastic materials with a small amount of powdery solids, need to be repeatedly kneaded and kneaded by means of strong shear to achieve random mixing.

5. Granular solids with good fluidity

Granular solids with good fluidity are mainly mixed by repeatedly turning and blending by rotating the container itself, or by moving parts installed in the container, which can move the material to be mixed forward or backward. Such materials can also be mixed by convection or turbulence using airflow. Convection or turbulence of solid particles is not easy to generate vortices, the mixing speed is much lower than that of liquids, and the degree of mixing can generally only reach random mixing.

6.Very fluid, granular or powdery solids that adhere to each other

Granular or powdery solids with poor fluidity and adhesion to each other often require a hybrid machine with mechanical turning, pressing, rolling and other actions.

The above is our introduction to what are the feeding methods of the mixer and what are the effects of commonly used materials.

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