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WF Pin Mill Machine Operation and Notes

Dec. 13, 2023

1. Before use, check all fasteners are tightened, belt tensioning.

2. Spindle running direction must comply with the protective cover as shown on the direction of the arrow, or damage to the machine, and may result in personal injury.

3. Check that the appliance is intact.

4. Check the machines crushing chamber hard debris such as metal or broken tool, influence machines.

5. In front of a crush of material be sure to check the purity of metal hard sundries mixed in are not allowed, so as not to break the tool or cause burns and other accidents.

6. Oil Cup should always inject lubricating oil on the machine to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

7. Stop feeding before stopping, if not used, to clear the remnants in the machine.

8. Check the cutter regularly and the screen is damaged, if it has a damaged and should be replaced immediately.

9. When used, the body will have small vibration, be sure to connect the lid handle to tighten, to avoid accidents.

WF Pin Mill Machine Operation and Notes

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